I was born in the city of Bradford in 1964 and have lived in Yorkshire all my life. From a young age I developed a love of the countryside. My passion for photography grew out of a love of the Yorkshire landscape and the wonder of God’s creation.

I have over 25 years experience in taking photographs of the landscape. Thinking back to some of my early years, I have undoubtedly been influenced by the images captured by my mother, a land army girl, who was a keen amateur photographer. She achieved some fabulous results from a 1950s Purma instamatic, which supports my view that while the camera is an important bit of kit, it’s the eye behind the lens that matters.

Since teenage years, I sought to capture my vision of the landscape on film, resulting in the purchase of my first SLR camera in 1981; a Yashica FxD . My wife often muses that I see the world through the lens!

More recently, I have been influenced greatly by some of the world leading landscape photographers; Ansel Adams, Joe Cornish, David Ward, Fay Godwin and Charlie Waite. As I look to progress into portraiture, I have also been inspired by the works of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau and Frank Horvat.

In 2007, I took the plunge and purchased my first medium format camera. I shoot on film, mainly using Fuji Velvia or Provia and occasionally on black and white film. Whilst it has become my preferred format for capturing images, I also use digital cameras for use on my long walks in the hills and on travels in the United Kingdom and abroad.

My discipline is to focus on the key elements of composition, lighting and timing. In bringing these together my aim is to capture the truth of an image as I see it.

In recent years I have endeavoured to slow down the process of taking pictures in order to stop and think about what it is that I am communicating through the image, to cut out extraneous detail, simplify the composition and thus avoid the trigger happy temptation of shooting everything in sight!

In the immediate future, I hope to be continually developing my art of capturing pictures and diversify into portraiture photography.